Castle Bolton

Castle Bolton stands looking out accross the wide Wensleydale valley and its dominant position can be seen from the main road between Leyburn and Hawes. The views from the top of the castle, and indeed from the gardens, are just fabulous and well worth a visit. You could combine your time here with a visit to Aysgarth Falls just down the road from the castle.

A view of Castle Bolton in Wensleydale.

A view of Castle Bolton in Wensleydale.


4 thoughts on “Castle Bolton

  1. A dramatic castle indeed. For a more picturesque version of the same design, check out Sheriff Hutton near York – Castle Bolton had a less devastating end. In the right light, Sheriff Hutton is the more magnificent and inspiring – and the four shards of its towers can be seen for miles across the Vale of York. Enjoy!

    • Thanks, Sherriff Hutton is now on my list of places to visit! Castle Bolton is still in pretty good shape and you can still ascend to the very top, as you say, Sherriff Hutton Castle has aged less well but it looks to be a very photogenic site.

  2. Hello, I just thought I’d recommend Pembroke Castle also if you have not been there before, for although it is an earlier fortress than this, it boasts quite a range of different architectural styles due to rebuilding and improvement over the centuries and can present a rather imposing force view wise. Thank you for posting this image though, for I am always on the lookout for new places that might wander into something vaguely poetical.

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