Focused on red.

I was sitting at the dining room table the other day giving some of my photo gear a bit of a clean. I got round to cleaning a macro lens and thought I would have a little play with it. This picture is of four marker pens, black, red, green and blue. I was using a 105mm prime macro lens and focused on the red pen top. I wanted the focus to fall off quickly (and if there is one type of lens that can almost guarantee that its a macro lens) so I used f8 / 160th. Even at f8 the DoF is REALLY shallow.

Macro lenses can be a source of frustration when you want to capture a close up and you want a deeper DoF, and if you’re eyes are as bad as mine and your hands are as steady as mine you can quickly become frustrated. I have in the past used multiple exposures gradually moving the point of focus ‘through’ the subject from front to back and then using focus stacking to assemble the final image. I find the process to be as tedious as it sounds and practically useless if your subject moves at all, like a flower in the breeze. But they can also give you good results when you want to use the shallow DoF as I did in this shot.

I have also found the lens to be pretty good for taking head and shoulder type portraits. I’m not really into taking people pictures much but I do like most people do and take portraits of family members on occasions when asked. It can involve a fair amount of  ‘foot zoom’ though 🙂

Pen tops.

Pen tops.


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