Invisible man

I’m no street photographer, I get too self conscious and therefore too conspicuous. However while out shopping recently I had my “notebook” in my pocket (Canon G9) and was really captivated by this scene so I took the shot.  He wasn’t having a problem, he was just sitting there, just to the left was a busker so maybe he was enjoying the music. I couldn’t have got the shot at a shutter speed low enough to get the image I “saw” here, even if I had the time to try, so I processed the RAW file to get what I wanted the scene to say.

invisible man

Watching the world go by


2 thoughts on “Invisible man

  1. Hi Frank you are not a street photographer like I am not a landscape photographer! How do you get on with G9 I hate mine with a passion! Did you try using the built-in ND filter in the G9 to lower the shutter speed? Thas one of the few good things about it. Thanks for sharing. Andy

    • Hello Andy, Touche 😉
      No I never gave the ND a thought to be honest. I was standing next to a sign post with the camera set to the quiet settings and no auto-focus assist light on and shot from near the waistline, shopping bags in one hand camera in the other and just thought that post production would have to do (lazy so ‘n so) 🙂

      I agree that the G9 is less than perfect, and I admit that I bought it amid the hype at the time and now it’s basically as I said, my “notebook”. I often use it to make video clips and stills at possible locations when I’m out and about without my gear bags with me.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting . .


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