The long and winding . . er . . walk (take two)

I agonised over the crop for this image and posted my cropped image in the previous post. This post has the un-cropped image for comparison. What do you think? Would you have cropped the image? If so how would you have cropped it? Looking forward to your comments.

Un-cropped version of this image.


8 thoughts on “The long and winding . . er . . walk (take two)

  1. I like the crop. The second shot/composition works better in my opinion. Possibly because the path looks longer in the narrower vertical view leading you further into the picture.

  2. Nice to see the uncropped version. Knowing it was coming I had imagined you had cropped the original on either side – I hadn’t thought about the original being vertical. And now I see the vertical shot uncropped I have to say I really like it. It gives a greater feeling of space and air. Both work, but this one today I think has he edge.

    • When I was framing this up for the shot I thought I had what I wanted. Then when I put it onto the pewter I thought I would have liked the person a bit bigger in the picture, hence the crop. I think the un-cropped version somehow feels more complete. Looks like I may have to print them both and see how they look to me then. Thanks for you input Andy.

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