See three trees freeze

Generally speaking I don’t like going out in inclement weather, I still do but I don’t like it. It’s something that has crept up on me over the years because when I was younger I used to love to be up on Helvellyn (950m) in the Lake District, scrambling along striding edge. Out on the Fells in any weather. Or going up Snowdon (1085m) and scrambling on Tryfan (915m) in the snow. While these peaks are all fairly diminutive they may as well have been Everest to me as a young boy. The foul weather, rain, snow and, on occasion, sunshine never seemed to enter into my mind and certainly not when taking in the views that came into view at various points.

These days I’m not so hardy as I was then and I have to be more aware of weather conditions. But sometimes you don’t have to venture too far to make pictures that represent winter and the images I have posted today were taken near Ripley in North Yorkshire on a cold misty morning and all I needed to do was step out of the car and set up! They are all of deciduous trees, one of my favourite subjects to shoot and so the pleasure of capturing them wasn’t diminished by the lack of exertion in finding them.

Winter Tree


Winter Trree


Winter Tree




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