Old wood, framing ancient stone.

I was admiring a picture on Chito L. Aguilar’s blog earlier today that I really liked. Then I thought I would look through my catalogs in LR because it is the sort of image that always draws me in if I happen across it. Sure enough I didn’t have to dig too deep and I found this image that I made in the early spring of 2012. This is Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire, a World Heritage Site.

You can see the image that got me searching my catalogs here.

A picture of Fountains Abbey from a vantage point under a tree.

Fountains Abbey


6 thoughts on “Old wood, framing ancient stone.

  1. Thanks so much, friend.

    Great shot!
    The framing and composition are excellent; the contrast between natural & man-made is pure; admirable juxtaposition.
    The image reminds me of my sojourn in England and Scotland on a scholarship grant…
    Ahh, brings back happy memories, indeed.

    Muchas gracias!!!

    • Thank you Andy. Sometimes the colours can be overwhelming with the mass of green and yelllow in the grasses, the blues in the sky, and the number of colours in the stones of the abbey are unfathemable in certain light conditions.

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