Bods, Dogs and a Flock

I have just been looking back to some pictures I made of the beach at Southport looking south towards Merseyside. I posted one on March 9th. I have developed this one in Lightroom 4 in a very different way to the last one.

The arrangement of what seemed to be four pairs, one pair wandering off into the distance, one pair in the left of the foreground group, one pair of dogs and one erm . . . . . pair going off in opposite directions foreground right, is what attracted me to this little scene.

I decided to darken the top corners to try to stop the viewers eye from wandering straight out of frame. For me, I see the couple in the distance then my eye sweeps in an arc through the foreground group and on to the right to the flock of birds, then up and back round to the distant couple.

Southport sands

Southport sands


2 thoughts on “Bods, Dogs and a Flock

  1. A very effective composition. It all holds together and works very well. I would have been tempted to lose half the sky and create a letter box formatted image – did you try that?

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks very much for the constructive comments. I didn’t try that but I just went back to it and tried it. I like the reduction in sky, it tightens up the composition but it puts the dark band of beach right in the horizontal middle of frame. I must have been thinking about thirds when composing. I do like the letterbox type of format though and will play around with this one again.

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