Creepy buttons!

This is a picture I made on one of my numerous visits to Fountains Abbey. I didn’t actually go there with photography in mind but I usually carry a camera ‘just in case’. It is a place where we go for a ‘leg stretch’ on what may otherwise be a completely lazy day.

I have made so many pictures there I don’t think I can come up with any different views. What I sometimes do in these cases is to try to find something I haven’t seen before, or at least not photographed before. This inevitably means looking for the small details rather than the bigger views and vistas.

I found this Button Ivy creeping and reaching out across the ancient stones in a dark shady corner. I like it as a black and white as it reduces the image to the wavy forms and repetitive leaf shapes by removing vibrant green colour of the ferns.

Creepy Buttons

Creepy Buttons


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