An “Open and Shut” case

This is the village of Buckden in Upper Wharfedale. I arrived here one warm afternoon last week feeling a bit hungry and thirsty. Imagine my delight to see the sign at the side of the road pointing across to the Tea Rooms. I walked over to there to find the sign over the door saying “Tea Rooms at the rear”. So I walked round to the rear to find another sign proclaiming there was an “All Day Menu”. Oh good, I thought, so I went over to the door to find a “CLOSED” sign in the window!! 😦

“Oh well” I thought (or words to that effect) “I’ll carry on a couple of miles into the hamlet of Cray, there’s a nice little pub there”. I arrived in Cray a little hungrier and a little more thirsty only to find another sign . . . . . TO LET!!

Oh flippin’ heck, I thought, 😉 I must remember to pack a picnic basket next time out. Not all bad news though, at least the scenery was as glorious as ever.

Is it open or shut?

Is it open or shut?



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