Pleased as Punch!

For the last three months I have been hobbling around on walking sticks in pain since my right knee decided to withdraw its support for me 😦 Today my portfolio was being assessed by the Royal Photographic Society at Fenton House in Bristol. I had a place booked to attend but my knee said “NO, we’re staying home”

Well I just received an e-mail to tell me that my panel has been recommended for Licentiateship of The Royal Photographic Society and will now go to Council for ratification!!!

The pain in my knee has suddenly eased off 🙂

I’m pleased as Punch to get the L and already thinking about an A

Meanwhile here is a reworking of a file I made a while ago using PS CC and SEP2. It is a view of some wintery trees on the course at Haigh Hall Golf Club in Wigan, Lancashire.

Wintery trees

Wintery trees


8 thoughts on “Pleased as Punch!

    • Thank you Andy. I didn’t realise how far out of my comfort zone the process would take me because I have been making images for well over 40 years that pleased me alone because I love the photographic process. So it was a bit daunting to have to make pictures that would “speak” to someone else with no written descriptions or anecdotes about capturing them while they also demonstrated the required technical skills.

  1. Congratulations, Frank, on the LRPS. Head on to the ‘A’ now and I would seriously recommend finding a mentor to help you finalize that panel. When I was working for my ARPS well over 35years ago I got a considerable amount of advice on picture selection from Bob Moore who was an inspiring midlands photographer – he was even then a multi-award winning exhibitor and went on to eventually become Preident of the RPS. Exactly 30years ago I got the coveted ‘F’. A few years after that I ceased to be a member – I was doing very little new work through work pressures and had reached a point where I really was totally out of step with what was being accepted for the International print exhibition. When I rejoined five years ago on retirement I enquired whether I would need to re-apply for a distinction. I was most surprised to be told that I still held the ‘F’ and could use the appellation. My work these days would never win an ‘F’, but I’m happy with what I produce – freed from the necessity to produce competitive work, I feel I can just pursue my own creativity in whatever direction it takes me.

    • Thank you Andy. I went to a distinctions advisory day, in the spring I think it was, and there were quite a number of panels from people preparing for submissions for the ‘A’. It would be wrong to say they were harsh with the comments but not a single panel was given the thumbs up. I was thinking that it is an incredibly subjective process and the main thing I was picking up was that the assessors were absolutely zeroed in on print ‘sharpness’. They were almost touching the prints with their noses. Well anyway these advisory days are pretty much the only advice I would have access to. Since I print so few of my images I would be at the mercy of a print lab. I am in no rush though and I will have to make it a project to find the best quality and fastest print lab. That’s for the future, I’ll enjoy the what I have for now. I felt like I was shackled while coming up with my panel and I will enjoy the winter and spring free to shoot what suits me. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to one of these days, but it might be an illuminating experience just to go along and see what I make of it. I think your last two sentences are the most important actually. Photography should be fun. Working for one of these distinctions can feel that you are working to someone else’s diktat and not true to your own creativity. I have stopped trying to produce work to please judges or to ‘compete’ for exhibition wall space and that releases me to enjoy shooting exactly what gives me pleasure. A winter and spring of doing just that sounds a good idea to me. All the best. I would always be pleased to offer some advice if you felt that could be of help.

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