A bit cloudy

What with all the miserable weather conditions of late here in the UK I have been looking back to last summer in my Lightroom Catalogs. August 2nd more precisely. I was standing above the treeline on a hill at 8:45 p.m watching the light change. (as we do!) At about 6:15 p.m there were very white, bright fluffy clouds floating by. Two and a half hours later and the sun much lower the clouds took on a more dramatic feel.

While out and about I have often looked at an active sky and thought, is someone painted a sky that looked exactly like that you’d think they had gone mad. While watching the clouds on that evening and making these pictures I thought the same thing. Sometimes cloud formations can be remarkable and that’s why I like to shoot them. Anyway, here are three shots that were all taken within two or three minutes just looking around me.

Dramatic skies

Sky 1

Dramatic skies

Sky 2

Dramatic skies

Sky 3


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