Fake Flower Natural Light

I have, for the last two or three weeks, been suffering like MANY others from the effects of a virus that has kept me indoors coughing and sneezing and generally feeling sorry for myself. For a photographer this is not good and cabin fever set in early on. This bug hospitalised my sister with pneumonia so I should count my blessings I suppose.

We have some beautiful flowers in the living room, yellow roses and purple lillies, that are crying out to me to photograph them. However I was sitting in the conservatory and watching the way the sunlight was creating shadows from the blinds. The shadows came in soft and then strengthened to deep black and then melted away as the clouds exposed and obscured the sun. So I decided to set up this little still life shot. Instead of using the flowers I thought it would use the natural light on a fake flower so I placed a little wooden tulip into a porcelain vase.

I processed the picture using Silver Efex Pro 2 applying a high contrast preset as a starting point. Emulating Ilford PAN F Plus 50 film with slightly accentuated grain and finally applied a slight copper tone to finish. It helped to pass a few minutes and it made me feel better, which is what photography should do 🙂

Natural Light on a Fake Flower

Natural Light on a Fake Flower


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