Working for peanuts

I was watching the birds flocking around some feeders that are set up near to a hide. It was a very dull day and it was raining which was the main reason I ended up in the hide, just for shelter. I fired off a few frames and I really liked the painterly effect that I was lucky enough to capture when this Great Tit was just about to lift off with his peanut in his beak.

A Great Tit at a bird feeder

Which one shall I have?


A Great Tit takes off with a peanut in his beak

Lift Off!


4 thoughts on “Working for peanuts

  1. We have a couple of feeders fairly close to our kitchen window. Watching the aerial manoeuvrings as birds arrive and birds leave and birds jostle for space can keep me amused for quite a while. It’s frenetic at times. These capture that atmosphere so well, Frank

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