Take a seat

High above Muker in Swaledale one April afternoon we happened across this bench with a view. Not a soul in sight, not a sound to be heard except for the wind that was blowing relentlessly. It was about 5:30 in the afternoon and the wind made it feel like a mid winters day and the sky did it’s best to reinforce the feeling. But the view overcame any discomfort.

While the view is timeless the bench, along with a sort of cairn just out of shot to the left, is not. There is a plaque on the cairn that simply says, “Muker Parish 2000”. What else would you need to know?

I struggle to understand how it is that a lot of people like to be hustled and bustled in a town or city where you need to crane your neck just to see the sky when there are places like this where you can hear yourself think and where the wind blows away the cobwebs. On the other hand if it weren’t the case then I would probably struggle to find a place to sit on this bench. On the way from here into Wensleydale we actually saw a motorcycle, and a car! Sheesh . . . . you just can’t avoid the traffic anywhere these days 🙂

A bench with a view over Swaledale

Plenty of room on top!


2 thoughts on “Take a seat

  1. Your words are so true! Worth getting blown about a bit to reach a point like this. Mind you I would have hurried down, those clouds don’t look to be in a good mood.

    • It was not a very spring like afternoon that’s for sure. Later we were nestled down in Hawes in Wensleydale where it was much calmer but not a lot warmer! I love this area in any weather though 🙂

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