Walking across the water

This is my son walking across the River Wharfe without getting his feet wet! We were in Upper Wharfedale, near to Yockenthwaite, and the weather had been fine and the river was almost a dry limestone bed. I was perched on one of the limestone rocks in the middle of the river with a Nikkor 18 – 70mm at the 18mm end on my D300. Post was in LR5 and SEP2.

Walking across a very low River Wharfe

Walking across the River Wharfe


2 thoughts on “Walking across the water

    • Thanks Andy, glad you like it. Yes I actually allowed a tiny bit of the original colour to show through in the foreground as well as the slight overall toning. Sorry about the delay in responding, we have just arrived home after a week up in the Dales. Mainly chilling out, not too much photography this trip.

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