Roseberry Topping

Right up at the top edge of the North York Moors where it gives way to Cleveland is a 320 metre hill called Roseberry Topping. We were wandering about, as we do, near to Kildale when this view of it came into view. I think the best views may be from the Cleveland way. More scouting required.

A view of Roseberry Topping.

Roseberry Topping.


4 thoughts on “Roseberry Topping

    • Thank you Andy. Well the first time I went to Joe Cornish’s gallery in North Allerton I saw a couple of his shots of this hill and it just stuck in my mind. So when I spotted it while driving through the lanes around the area it was instantly recognisable. It tuns out that it is National Trust property too.

    • I agree but while visiting Joe Cornish’s gallery there were four pictures of Roseberry Topping, one from each season, and all from the same spot. Beaten to it.

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