Whitby (Windy!) Harbour

Visited Whitby on Sunday at the end of a drive from Ripon to Helmsley to Pickering and across the North York Moors to Whitby. It was 22 deg and sunny with a cooling light breeze when we set out. By the time we got up on the moors near Goathland I tried to get a couple of landscape shots because the heather is in full flower now and I was literally being blown off my feet. Dropping down off the moors into Whitby it seemed a lot calmer, until we walked out along the harbour wall when the strength of the wind restricted me to two shots, this is the better one. I was hanging on to the tripod and the wind was still moving it. I managed this shot, 25 secs @ f16 iso 100, during a spell of slighty less wind but still had to hang on to the tripod.

Whitby Harbour Walls

Whitby Harbour Walls


2 thoughts on “Whitby (Windy!) Harbour

  1. Was worth it..Love the N Yorkshire moors, never been to Witney but it is on my long list! Your shutterspeed was just right to get the water interesting and windblown without it looking too wooly.

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