The beginning and the end . . .

. . . of October. Here are a couple of images I made in October. The first one is a scene at the arboretum at Castle Howard on a wonderful sunny day at the start of October spent among the autumn colours. The second one is at the end of October and this was shot on a walk through the church yard at Masham as the mist rolls in from the fields. Quite a difference in conditions, it may be a few weeks before I am wandering around North Yorkshire, unless we get a miracle change in the weather šŸ™‚


Autumnal Arboretum


Misty Masham Fields.

Misty Masham Fields.


3 thoughts on “The beginning and the end . . .

  1. Yea, that’s how it goes, I quite like winter as long as it is not tooooo cold; the light is soft , often mist or frost, and a nice cosy fire by the tv in the evening!! Must be getting truly old!

    • Yes I don’t mind the cold so much but the rivers in Yorkshire have been getting a battering, especially with todays rain. Floods in Hawes apparantly. We have been almost caught out with localised flooding on roads not even near a river. You get loads of run off from the fields onto the roads.

      • Oh yes, that is not so nice for the people there…hope the rain stops soon, but not too sure that they forecast dry weather…We will get flooding here too if this goes on. hmmm

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