Lane, green

A country lane

A country lane

A tiny lane on the Bolton Abbey estate, high up on the valley wall above the river Wharfe. Behind me is a field gate leading to a route to the Valley of Desolation which was meant to be my destination as I wanted to shoot the waterfalls there. I walked up out of the valley and along this lane only to find a notice on the gate declaring it unsafe to proceed as there was shooting taking place, grrrrrrr! More planning required next time :-/


3 thoughts on “Lane, green

  1. An attractive composition withe that curve in the road. And the moss on the boulders in the foreground softens their impact without diminishing their importance to the composition.
    Shooting is a menace. Where we used to live in rural Northants, I regularly ran a route along a road past a wood when training for the London Marathon. The wood was part of a big estate where they bred Pheasants and shooting parties regularly shot in the wood. The shoot posted ‘look-outs’ at either end of the wood. On my approach a whistle blew and the guns fell silent until I got to the other edge of the wood when another whistle would sound and the slaughter re-started. I ran that section a little faster and I’m still alive!

  2. Thank you both for your comments. I have to say that in North Yorkshire and I’m sure in other areas too that the numbers of Pheasant taken on organised shoots pales into insignificance when compared to the numbers killed on the highways and byways by vehicles. By the way I’m not a shooter nor to I have any wish to take part. My wife and I are constantly bemused by the way Pheasant run in front of the car or stand in the middle of the road until you are inches away. They even run out of the way, then when you move off they run back in front again! We have managed nine years so far without hitting one (touch wood).

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