Dried Leaves Waterfall

This morning I was sorting out my kit bags. I have quite a few of various sizes that I use depending on what I want to take out with me. When I go out shooting I have a large bag that I can load most of what I may need and that stays in the car boot and I transfer a body and one or two lenses and filters into a smaller bag to set off for a walk. Things can get complicated once you realise you just can’t carry everything for hours on end anymore 😐

Anyway I often end up with bits of kit in various bags and then I need to tidy up. That’s what I was doing this morning when I came across my Sigma 105mm macro. My mind wandered away from the task in hand and I put the lens onto my Sony as I hadn’t yet used it since buying a Nikon to Sony E lens mount adapter. One of the shots I got is this one that I thought looked like a waterfall of leaves.

Dried leaves waterfall

Dried leaves waterfall


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